Do it yourself. But better.

Mentorship for writers. Customized training for businesses.

Custom course development

Web writing. Content planning. Content writing.

There are often very good reasons to handle your content yourself, including budget or lack of availability of external content people. Customized training can ensure you have the right in-house skills and processes to create content or work effectively with external writers. I have created training materials and courses around content writing, copywriting, email and online marketing, and other related topics, as well as tailored training materials for in-house writers.


Small group training

Workshops and practical guidance for in-house content creators.

Web writing

Learn the best practices, with feedback and guidance.

Content planning

Planning a website? Get a step-by-step process that works.

Training content and guides

In-house training materials tailored to your needs.

Ongoing mentorship

A writing buddy who guides and encourages.

On-call editing

Get critical eyes on drafts before you submit them.

Honest feedback

Improve through practical feedback.

Project coaching

Get assistance with a specific project.

Mentorship for writers

Get the support I wish I’d had

There aren’t any degrees in this type of content work. You learn through experience, which presents a problem when you are thrown into a project and asked to write a website or brochure. I’ve advised a number of journalists and others on how to successfully switch into freelance copywriting or content writing.

Content training for designers

Content strategy and web writing essentials

Designing a website without content is no easy task. If you find it hard to get more budget from your client to get their content in order, why not better equip yourself to review and edit client-supplied content? Learn content strategy and web writing best practices. Get help selling the value of content to your clients.


Web writing for designers

Improve client copy and offer more value.

Content strategy for designers

Design more effective websites.

On-call editing

Get help to keep your project on track.

Effective content writing

Understand what makes effective content.

Headlines and leads

Attract attention and keep people reading.


Capture and maintain a strong voice.


Tell stories people want to read.

Writing for Content Marketing

8-week online course

UBC Writing Centre very kindly invited me to develop a new, 8-week Writing for Content Marketing course, delivered entirely online. It’s one of the first and most comprehensive courses devoted to all aspects of content marketing writing. You learn about the most important elements of effective content writing, including voice and story, as well as getting practical tips on writing the most common content types. I now also teach UBC’s Introduction to Copywriting.