TELUS Accessibility Website

Content strategy and copywriting to help TELUS reach out to customers with accessibility challenges.

Project details

Promoting TELUS’s accessibility ethos, products and services

The TELUS digital team undertook a major revamp of their About section. I worked with internal stakeholders to come up with a new Accessibility website within that section, including a new IA and copy. Previously, accessibility content was effectively homeless, buried within a large Support section. Now, the target audience can easily find clear information to help them choose the best mobile device for them, and discover TELUS’s accessibility services.

  • Created a new information architecture
  • Reviewed existing content and made recommendations for improvements
  • Created a nomenclature for the various categories of accessibility feature (Vision, Mobility & Dexterity, etc)
  • Wrote all new user-friendly, on-brand headlines, subheads, body copy and calls to action
  • Worked in SEO keywords and wrote page meta data