Putting your audience first.

Effective copy and content through detailed research and planning, creative thinking, and engaging, on-brand writing.


Speak “human”

There’s enough meaningless jargon and hyperbole out there. The best way to connect with people is through language and a voice they’ll relate and respond to, and in a way that respects their time and needs.


Web writing

Clear, user-focused writing that makes websites better.


Conversion copywriting

Copy that drives action without being shouty.


Marketing copywriting

On-brand marketing copy for print and digital.


Video scripts

Engaging scripts for explainer, product and other videos.


Content audits

See the complete, current state of your web content.


Content reviews

Assess content quality and identify problem areas and gaps.


Content planning

Plan, organize and outline your content.


Content maintenance

Tools, processes & documentation to maintain quality.

Web content strategy

Tame the content monster

The best way to ensure your web content meets user needs and business goals is to combine solid content strategy / planning processes with proven editorial best practices. I’m not a consultant. I provide practical, hands-on help at various stages of the content process, including content creation, to help build better websites.

Content writing

Feed the content monster

It’s not how much content you create for content marketing purposes, it’s how readable, shareable, informative and engaging it is. That means finding writers who are part copywriter, part journalist and part content marketer.


Articles and blogs

Stories with a strong voice for a specific audience.


Case studies and customer stories

Nicely-told stories about your impact and results.


eBooks, guides and white papers

In-depth, top-of-funnel content that makes you the expert.


Brand and digital storytelling

Well-researched, feature-style content to build brand.


Content ideation

Dig out your most compelling stories and find angles that resonate with your audience.


Practical tools

Get advice around the best tools and processes to help you manage an ongoing content production schedule.


Blog plan

Keep things ticking along with a realistic long-term content plan, and a package of pre-written “core” content.

Content marketing planning

Editorial planning for content marketers

With a background in journalism and custom publishing—including creating editorial plans for magazines—I can help small businesses, marketing departments and PR/content agencies draw up a six- or 12-month schedule of relevant, interesting and informative content aimed at specific audiences.

Second-look writing and editing

A pair of fresh eyes

You’ve redrafted something so many times you can’t face looking at it again. The company website or brochure writing has ground to a halt. Your annual report reads like it’s been written by 15 different people. Time for fresh eyes?


Fresh eyes

Freshen up stale copy.



Tidy up problematic drafts.


Fast turnaround

Get your draft done on time.

Do it yourself. But better.

Copywriting and content writing courses. Customized training for businesses.