Various Clients – Video Scriptwriting

Video script development and writing for a range of clients and purposes.

Videos to tell stories, sell benefits or explain products and concepts


Most of these videos had to fit in a fair bit of information to follow the brief, while also using the brand voice. In each case, I worked closely with the videographer and either provided an outline and concept or worked to supplied storyboards.


  • I Am Career City: Tug at the heartstrings and tell a human story, while communicating the concept of “Anything is Possible”
  • Promote the “what”s and “why”s of a new retargeting service for realtors
  • Creative Energy: Problem: Climate change. Solution: Denser cities and “neighbourhood energy”. This is an excerpt of the longer video, which has 5 chapters, each including additional interactive content.
  • Botanica: Emphasize specific ingredients and benefits for a new natural supplement
  • EVOS: Help the audience understand how much money they could save when buying a used car
  • Odlum Brown: Tagline development and scriptwriting for a series of informational vignettes about the company’s history to celebrate 90 years in business, including providing talking points for interviewees. View all videos.
  • The Alpha Group: Corporate video for a conference to promote services to mitigate power disruption. Brief to “be dramatic.”